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About the Book

This full-length e-book is designed with the Windows SysAdmin in mind, covering the best and latest technologies from Microsoft to help provide a defense-in-depth approach for your organisation’s security posture. Over 20 topic areas are covered with deep-tissue dives right into the true subject matter so you can immediately apply these recipes in your own environments, helping to protect and defend yourselves against today’s cyber threats.

Advanced Windows Security is…

Self-published. I wrote and published this book myself. So, there’s no publishing company to get in the way with their own profit-driven agenda. My purpose of authoring this title is to help organisations protect and defend themselves against today’s ever-growing cyber attacks. Because it’s electronic, not paper, I can and will keep it up to date regularly going forward as Microsoft products & features continue to adapt, upgrade and be introduced.

Real-Time Transparent. This book is written and updated transparently and publicly, over time, so you can follow along, download new chapters as they are released, and provide feedback through its public discussion board . That is, unlike a book that is published traditionally and left to sit on a book store’s shelves  is a living, breathing book and it will continue to grow and evolve as the technologies do over the coming months, and years. You get updates for free.

Inexpensive. A traditional technical book about Information Security typically retails for $39.99 to $99.99 and is made available in print and e-book formats. But the authors receive only a very small portion of that price. With Advanced Windows Security, I’m letting you, the reader, pick your price so you can pay more (or less) than our recommended price of $24.99. Remember, you will always have free access to any new content developed as the tech evolves.

Available in multiple formats. So what does $24.99 buy you? In this case, it provides you with one or more electronic versions of the book in the following formats: PDF, MOBI and EPUB. Your device, your choice!

A how-to and a reference guide. This book provides recipes of tips, how-to’s and reference information about Windows security, and assumes only that you have some version of Windows previously. But rather than cover every single tickbox and option in all the products, this book focuses on the really important stuff, so you can quickly get up to speed and master solutions and be productive as quickly as possible.

Incomplete, by design. Like the cyber landscape itself, Advanced Windows Security will never really be “stable”. I will be updating the book aggressively going forward, and whenever Microsoft makes meaningfully updates, the book will be updated as well. This was a key reason for self-publishing and doing so electronically: I can and will update this book regularly, and it will never be out of date.

Interactive. You’re a part of this, too, or at least you can be. We want to hear from you while we’re updating the book, and if you have any feedback about what’s already written, the topic coverage, the formatting, or whatever, we’re listening. Just visit the feedback board to have your voice heard. Want to contact me directly? Just visit and shoot me a message. I love hearing from my readers!

Thank you and happy reading!

Duncan McAlynn