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Digital Photography Packages

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Digital Photography Packages

Digital photography packages are avaialble for artists, venues and restuarants based on an hourly rate of $100/hr. All packages are shot by a professional photographer using a Nikon D80 with multiple short and long-range lenses, filters and speed lights. As required, alternative lighting options will be used.

Approimately 60-80 shots can be taken taken in an hour, and all photos will be made available via an online portal for royalty-free use, we will retain full copyrights.

Notes for artists:

Live performances shots are preferred. Location/Headshots shots are possible but subject to availability and weather conditions (outdoor setups only). Photo resizing for MySpace will be provided.

Notes for venues/restaurants:

While empty venue shots show the exterior/interior of the establishment quite nicely,it is preferred to capture the essence of actually being there. For this purpose, we'd encourage you to either use employees or actual customers for active shots. Model release forms will be made available, signatures obtained and copies provided.