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Competitive Intelligence

With a proprietary methodology honed over the years, Operandis can help you discover potential blindspots by combining our technical depth with our keen business acumen to collect, analysis and present the critical business decision making data points that drive sales, marketing and product management.

White Papers

Creating compelling content that connects with your target audience is an excellent source for new leads. White papers can do just that! But they can be time consuming for your internal staff and let’s face it, it’s not the kind of work that they want to do and often not their best skillset. Let us take that burden off of your shoulders.

Win-Loss Research

Understanding where your company has lost out on deals is just as critical as knowing what you’re doing successfully. By engaging a third-party such as Operandis your customers and former prospects will be much more likely to open up and reveal the truths behind their decisions to go with your or not.

Guest Blogging

Whether if bylined or ghostwritten, Operandis stands ready to help you create fresh and insightful content that not only fulfills the needs and curiosity of your readers, but also delivers in a way that gives your SEO a boost! Need to address an emerging story? No problem. We can often turn around your work in less than 24 hours.


Produced live or pre-recorded, hosted on your platform or ours, booked as a one-off or a series, we have you covered from start to finish. And, with tens of thousands connections spread across social media platforms, we can assist your inside sales and demand generation teams with getting as many viewers as possible.


With a thirst for knowledge, hackers love e-books. And who doesn’t like getting something with a percieved value for free? Don’t want to give it away? That’s not a problem either. We will help you create your ebook for private sale or distribution on Amazon and other online retailers. We’ll even get your ISBNs assigned, if needed.

We’re advanced cybersecurity digital marketing and research company.

We pride ourselves on not only possessing the business acumen to understand what drives your bottom line and how to apply technical marketing to a tough audience, but we also have the breadth and depth to go as deep as necessary when conducting research and developing your content.

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We’re a small, privately owned nimble company.

We’re a US-based small business, focused on one thing only: serving the competitive intelligence and content strategy needs of our cybersecurity partners around the globe. Yes, some may call us boutique, but we believe that staying lean and mean allows us to remain nimble, focused and selective.
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We’re a team of experienced and skilled people with global reach.

Thanks to our years of industry involvement and community connections, we have unsurpassed reach when it comes to attracting the most knowledgeable and credible cybersecurity professionals in the world to work directly with you and your team on your projects with us.

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We’re a company standing different from others.

  • We do not have customers, we have partners. We take pride in becoming an extension of your sales, marketing and product teams.
  • We don't just work in the cybersecurity industry, we're helping to shape it through our support of grass root projects and events.
  • Our team of heavy-hitting experts have the technical chops and business acumen to helicopter from the trenches to the boardroom without missing a beat.

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